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You are my Sunshine! [4th December 2010|12:00am]
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(no subject) [1st December 2008|04:38am]

add me @ rosanne412@hotmail.com to request for new link!:)

this livejournal has be used only for super deep thoughts, if ever there is. riiiight so long!
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(no subject) [29th November 2008|09:39pm]
my fingers are itching and i wna blog so much, butttt i dont want to do it here anymore becus my mom dragged my blog stuff when she scolded me hah. i made a blogger and wanted to hv a grand opening with chandni buuut i cant seem to find a template i like! :( blogging is my space, my thoughts, why did you hv to correct me off my thoughts? lol. wont be blogging here often, my dad is the greatest <3 bye.
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(no subject) [28th November 2008|05:10am]
I just did 2 psychology quizzes, out of all 6! haha, the first quiz i scored 8/10 and one of the answer is stupid please, urgh! i scored 6/10 for the second one, ohgreat! hahahahhaha.

chandni and may bought smth for me just now, a very cute purse thing!!!!!!!! been seeing it since the day the push cart was at business school hehee thanks my friends=D

gahhhh gotta wake up at 6.30am later for school le, and im still not asleep -.-" cus i slept just nowww haha! oh and i went home with fizz just now, i was sooo happy to be with my bestest friend!!!!!! yay! LOL.

and may and i did this magical thing, it generates your future, who youll marry and stuff. its kind of like the FLAMES thing we used to play when we were in primary school, rmbr?! haha! yayy^.^ both may and i got our desired lovers lol! :P

and am still thinking if i shld switch to blogger, the problem is i cant find a suitable blogskin! lol its......not like the old codes whrby i used to just edit myself hmm... we'll see.. heeeh=D

its friday already and its freaking fast!!!! i was in 69 with fizz today...i was thinking, tmr no SAS right...cus tcher got external meeting...BUT suddenly rmbred it was LAST WEEK tht she had the meeting! AAHHHH~ the sem is going too quickly!! :(

oh oh and when i was walking into school today, i suddenly had this image in my mind, a scene...i saw some of my favourite ex-E2 people, wearing the ex-E2 shirt in TP, they came to TP just to find me!!!!!! or maybe the ex-E2 peeps!. ISNT IT JUST HEART-WARMING!? IMAGINE LIKE IM IN LECTURE THEN THEY COME IN, I'LL JUST BE SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!! =D but it'll never happen la. hahahahahah just nice to imagine sometimes...i miss E2=(

AHH alright alright i need to slp seriously, like NOW! BYE!
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Random Tuesday [26th November 2008|12:11am]
[Mood |grumpygrumpy]

qushairi the idiot came to talk to me, after 2 yrs of being classmates, and this is the 3rd year knowing each other, he still cant spell my name properly! ahhahahaha. oops, and i just recalled, i was looking through his phone and i found porn, i swear, i was still so innocent that time and i just saw some banana thing and i screamed and threw his phone on the table at sunplaza's mcdonalds!!! damn gross! *pukes!* thts my first and only encounter with porn, no more please...

(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
rossane !! :D
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
sorry haha
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
yesyes shairi
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
ur name confusing . )):
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
yours is
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
haha nth . i miss my rossane
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
hahahaha !
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
rose and
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
nice ritee ???
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
tak faham
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
tk faham pantat kau bodoh
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
eh tak takot tak takot
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
takot aper
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
tak takot kau
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
aku cina, tak faham
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
kau bodoh
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
bukan tak faham
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
aper la.....
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
please, tak kajiao aku
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
is KACAU la .
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
cakap india la kau
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
fuck you la
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
you then india
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
you taj mahal
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
haha i taj mahal you mustafa centre . :D
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
good what, i singapore
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
you fly go taj mahal
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
cross th sahara desert
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
i curse you die
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
haha whatever . i PERTH la . i wanna see JOJO at thereeeeeeeee ! :'(
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
hello, rosanne is hotter than jojo please
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
singapore is enuff
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
wa lan ! if rosanne hotter , i think the ah ma sell vegetable at market are models alr .
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
why must sell vegetable, can sell muachee?(KARTINI FAV!!!! HAHAA)
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
aw thanks for loving me
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
but i hate you alot
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
annoying little pest
(%)-ѕңάίЯι-(%) says:
xq (e-llllllllll-mo) says:
URGH screw u

sickening qushairi, haha but he did put a little smile across my face, miss him and him irritating me in class!:( lol.
OH AND YEAH my mom just came in and said.....

m : tmr wht time you start sch?
r : why? why you ask?
m : why? cnnt ask is it?
r : no why, tell me why you ask
m : fetch you
r : aawww oh my god! eleven!
m : call me

^.^~ i was feeling very emo/moody before that becus of........lol! may knows.... but now tht my mom offered to send me to school tmr, my mood got up a little!!=D

anyway school today was okay=) POM in the morning, im started to get the hang of POM, its just pure memorising! haha oh and i made a new friend from idk which class, he calls me "chinese" and why...?

G : guy
R : rosanne

*walk into silicon lab*

G : eh! you indian ah?!
R : nooooooo
G : then what?!
R : chinese la

how dumb hhaaaa!:)

after tht was break and its the first time i saw muen!=D haha. and design school really need bird poachers man, so many annoying birds flying ard, so scared they shit on my food or my head la -.-" zzz hehe. oh didnt get to see the one legged bird today either hahahaah.

had EBM and it was the first time i saw may sooo angry :s but nvm becus after 10mins she was okay! hahaha EBM sucks, though mr see-toh is a nice tcher, sometimes i dont like it when he dont teach us properly when we wanna knw how to do smth.. just sucks la lol.

had POM tutorial, it was okay haaa! i finally know when to use line and staff authority!!!!! woooooooo!!! hahahhaa questions related to those concepts, i got all wrong but nehmind, i knw why now haahah.

AFTERTHAT went for psychology lecture. the tcher changed!! hmm. and may&i sat right in the middle out of no where hahaa!:P and we were trying hard to recall what we wanted to write, yehyeh we both really short term memory!!!! hahaha! then the tcher had to point us out-.-" hahah nevermind, towards the end of the lecture, tcher showed a video and she went through the concepts, only may and i responded to the tcher out of the whole LT! good kids ahhahaa. lol.

AFTERTHATTHAT, may and i went on an adventure!!!! hahahhahha! yes 7.10pm adventure-.-" we walked all the way to the bus interchange from school!!! took abt 20mins, so fun!!!=D may lets do it again ahahahahahaha!

AH YESH i also saw fish today!!! ahhh so happy ahahhahahahhaaa. and one more person la, hehehhe. maymayyyyy...


DBIS lec tmr at 11am till 1pm then 1 till idk when is time for SAS project! yucks, SAS sucks okay! hahahah. zzz. and ohshiiittt! i wanted to chiong psychology proposal(learning) tonight de, but i just want to relax and oh i hate my mind alot, cus i told myself its easy and i hv time tmr shitshitshit! :((

riiight im gna bring laptop to school tmr, initially i wasnt too happy but then again, 1:my mom's gna drive me to sch ; 2:WEBCAM TIME!!!:D HAHAHAHA i love to take photos with my friends!!:) hmm maybe i shldnt go by car tmr...recession!!!! rarr but cnnt la, i already prepared my heart for a car ride tmr!!! hahahahhaa.

im super tired now, maybe i shld go slp, but its still early(2.35am)!!! haahhahaha. BA tcher ytd asked me why do i look even more tired than the previous week! hmmm...the more tired i look, the more active i am ehh! lol.

rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the feeling of having to wait really sucks, it was half of the reason why i was damn moody just now, the other half was abt school work as usual, nth new.. rarrrr waiting by myself is really a miserable feeling cuuuus im not the type who'd auto talk to the person i like. ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaa~ i end up being even more shy, sucks sucks sucks, but luckily may was on msn telling me its like thattttttttt :(( its also saddening when the conver shows up yet doesnt give you a good feeling either. i hate this!!! :( URGHHHH! i hate crushing on ppl!!


and i am super looking forward to next week's 3 hrs break, i hope it works out or smth becus fizz and i planned to go to changi airport to eat Popeyes!! i hv nvr eaten it before hehehehe...but its also the WEEK7 which is almost all projects parts submission week! swear its going to be chiong liiiiiike mad! but nehmind...slowly..

ALRIGHT I HV NTH ELSE TO BLOG ABOUT! may went to sleep so early zzzz...and now koh and muen are gaming, so im left all alone ha-haaa. sucks eh..

by the end of this week and i dont go out with sheauyin, it'll be 3 weeks no orchard+no sheauyin! how can that be!!! hahaha.

kkkk bye before its too draggy=)

>>>waiting* really makes me damn moody:(

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screw school [25th November 2008|04:02am]
[Mood |annoyedannoyed]

i am currently feeling so fucked up and i am so fucking tired. wht i had my mind the whole night was POM, which includes the tutorial and the project itself that needs to be handed in tmr. so i thought i shall do a little alignment corrections for the project to make it look somewhat neater. to my horror, microsoft words is like having so much fun making me fucking pissed off cus nothing goes right! when i wna justify just 1 paragraph, everything gets justified, what the fuck?! zzz i am in no mood for nonsense, and ive spent 42minutes doing that all stupid alignment thing, and i thought "whr have all you guys' sense of fucking organisation gone to?!" i am that fucking pissed off just for this stupid thing. ARGH! its a group project so i must contribute, but i dont knw why the heck i complain so much!

i doubt anyone even remembers about printing this set of project shit for submission tmr, i hate it when everything is so fucking dependent on me, WHY CANT PPL JUST BE MORE INITIATIVE?! i fuck hate this. but i knw i cant expect everyone's sense of organisation to be like mine. i admit, i feel i hv the most perfect way of organising things, i cnnt stand it when work isnt neat AT ALL CUS JUST READING IT WLD BE A SORE IN THE EYE K. and yettt i dont trust ppl much to let them do the organisation cus the ppl themselves arent organised..

juuust what came to my mind, i sense free-rider coming soon...

guess im too stressed up huh, dammnit cus i hvn started on tht fucking psychology project which my leader wants it this thursday, MY PART + POWERPOINT SLIDES! this is too chiong for me, but i knw its good cus then i can soon wash my hands of this stupid cds.

sucks alot!

uhhh stressed yeh? i hv 5 NEW SPOTS OF ECZEMA THAT JUST POPPED OUT ALRIGHT. gosh why am i borned with this incurable disease!!!!!!!! =(

and i need to sleep early now, my skin is not flawless, like it used to be. flawless=no dumb pimples on my forehead + little dots on my cheeks! :( my skin used to have no pimple at all, until i came to TP, everything pops out la hate school!!!!

righhhht lastly i am started to get pissed off by some people's words, stop seeing me as a competitor BECUS I RLY DONT STUDY AND THE FIRST THING I DO EVERYTIME IS GO ONLINE, I DONT STUDY EXCEPT FOR THE NIGHT BEFORE, GET IT!?!?! why are you so concerned abt me studying?! and even if i studied, i put in my 101% effort, and mind all you, i always spend 3 to 4 hrs doing just ONE TUTORIAL?! i dont just briefly read through my lecture notes, i take 2hrs just to read and understand them. and so even if i do better than you, I DESERVE IT! your words make me feel miserable and makes me wna compete with you!

thanks i just needed to vent uh:) BACK TO ALIGNMENT bye.
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Sense of accomplishment;) [24th November 2008|03:41am]
[Mood |sleepysleepy]

it is 3.53am now...
and i just finished doing my BA2 tutorial that needs to be handed in by tmr!

riiiight my answers look so perfect right?! HAHA
but half of the calculations are wrong, everything just dont balance up!
i am proud of myself in a way..
that though i still dont understand much, about wht to put in the balance sheet/ profit&loss,
i am glad my principle of never-finish-homework-cannot-sleep
pulls me through everything!
cus BA2 is really a very important subject
and somehow...(you guys knw i am very bad academically)
im dependent on mathematical subjects to score!
it has been like that since secondary school!!

hence no matter how difficult or whtever BA2 is,
i will at least attempt..

contradicted myself
AHHHAHA cus i didnt do qn2 for this tutorial, tired la!

but yeap! i feel a sense of accomplishment + my work looks so neat right?!
im in a relatively good mood nowwwww
and i hope this good mood can or will be brought over to tmr!!!
becus its 9am till 5pm *yawnnn*

just hope nothing crushes on me tmr!!!
hate it when it happens >:(

kelvinkoh just went to sleep-.-"
and im waiting for muen muen to be online!!!!!
tang is waiting so long!! zzz...

YES, i reprinted tht lecture cuuuus its not in the correct printed way i want la!
forgot to set the printer the first time hehehehe..

rightright hate myself for being fussy!



oh wait... i hvn done SAS tutorial...

sharon chan hui yu! :D

good luck for your new job!!
i have never forgotten or taken you outta my head!!!
once my beloved, will always be! hehe.
jyjy okay?


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(no subject) [23rd November 2008|04:31pm]
fuck my mother just told me my phone bill is $40+ even when i changed plan. wht the fuck in the first place, now i only need to care abt my out-going calls becus i hv only 100minutes free and i fucking swear i didnt exceed, it has been 1month already and my calling is only 30mins okay! wht the fuuuck. and now its like my fault tht i exceed when i DIDNT?! ha?! how to exceed when i hv unlimited sms, free incoming right?! USE BRAIN LA OK?! must be some stupid subscription fee, end up my fault like that. fuckkk you all go die la so fucking angry!!!!!!!!!!!


go tell my parents? no thanks becus i fear for naggings WHICH I DONT DESERVE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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3 hours of break with Chandni [23rd November 2008|02:51am]
[Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[Now playing |First of May - Olivia]

3 hours break - 20 Nov

After these series of chandni taking photo of herself...
...she said :

"GOSH why am i taking photos of myself!"

my friend is so funny!

thts how we pass time on thursdays, 3 hrs of break...
cus microecons end so early, so its almost 4 hrs!
anddd we spend 1 hr eating...
then the rest of the time at silicon lab,
wasting time!
playing games like Scissors, Paper, Stone then hitting our own lap-.-
and newly invented, 3 Steps and THROW!

HAHA yeh, we're supposed to throw out slipper off our feet!




riiight so i hv many things, thoughts, stuff running through my head. omg! rmbr tatu's song?! running through my head, running through my head~ ahah!

school's beginning to suck a whole lot with projects...though i dont hv alot to do, but when things just pop up, i guess its natural to feel a little stressed up. i wonder how can angeline and teckkoon be so happy everyday, so relaxed, everyday also can pak-tor like that! haha.

sigh somehowwww i wish...idk just thoughts..but i cant blog it here! sometimes i just hate myself lol likeeee im never contented with just several of my friends.. somethings they do just make me want to tell them straight in their face, stop it! but i cant, cus maybe they are very close to me.. sighhhhh sucks cus back in css, i can just tell my friends wht i dont like straight in their face, knowing tht i am very straight forward!

chandni and i had a mini chat last tuesday during POM lecture. and its kind of true, i am thankful that i am not borned pretty at all becus being pretty or some people call it "hot", most guys might just want to make friends with you just becus of your pretty face which isnt very nice! thts not genuine friendship right? haha, and some hot girls might play hard to get ah, chandni. haha so glad that i had tht chat with chandni becus i know we arent those super hot girls but greatness, at least all my friends accept me for who i am, not just judging on MY FACE! but pretty people dont go and disfigure yourself after this, afterall we still need some sight-seeing hahahahahahhaa.

so many things i wna say, somehow i can only connect with a few people. i mean sometimes some of these ppl whom i can connect with do piss me off sometimes! but its okay cus i knw i piss ppl off too hahahahhahaha!

ohwells, nothing much already. the coming week is gonna be hectic! cus we hv yet to do SAS problem matrix, DBIS project > the grp is still not formed yet! , psychology project! argh i fuck hate psychology alot, really. my leader is very nice but i guess he is a chiongster too! which kind of makes me nervous, cus i do care abt wht ppl think of me, so it kind of pushes me to work i guess, afraid they might think badly of me yeah...sucks. hahaa. oh and the last psychology lesson, idk why but im suuuuuuper proud of wht the tcher said abt me!!!! and i kept telling everyone!! ehhehee.

cus on the second week of psychology class, we did this quiz abt ourself, kind of a quiz tht helps us knw wht kind of team mate we are yeah. and finally tcher generated the results! the guys in my grp are more critical and practical...and they stay focused way better than us girls >: ( haha! he also said to the guys tht they hv to get us very focused! haha.. but i kind of do not agree w him saying yizhen steals the limelight, cus after hearing wht she told me, its better to get the ball rolling than wait for one another! aha and there i was waiting for tcher to comment abt me...he said "youre like a middle person, everything okay one. youre just nice and sweet." HAHAHAAHA i heard it, i grinned from ear to ear, northpole to southpole! =D kay la i dont haolian alr :P

oh and i told yer guys before, my guy-friends are SUPER seasonal! it used to be jack right? then it hopped to koh, and now its half koh, half D! zzz...damn sad cus i can never find a proper, just ONE best guy friend =( everyone needs one righhhht? hah!

AH and damn sad, tht thursday right, i went into silicon lab first, looking for available seats when the rest followed me behind. then this guy, same course as me de, came right into my face, swearrrr he said "EH you indian ah?!" like that ask me!!!! saddddddd....ahhaha! i really look like an indian??? hmm..lol.

rarrrrrrrrr im so bored, my wrist is hurting from too much compt-ing!! ahhhh! haaha i shall go rest now...."REST" ah fizz! HAA!=D

OH OH OH AND YAH!!! WAIT. and we celebrated my mom's birthday ytd!!!! =D so glad dbis ended early, so glad meeting ended early, so glad tht i cld join my family after schooool!:D YAY!! haha. yumyum.

and its just in 12days, or is it 11? hmm haha! i dont knw why im still counting down, its stupid cus i dont get to celebrate it cus i hv school till 6pm and ermmm its the week that we hv to hand in part of ALL PROJECTS! crycry* lol. but yeah i dont nrmly celebrate my birthday too.. lolz!

whtever, i must stop thinking abt how sad i am! =((



>>>why do my feelings fade so quickly?!
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Birthday [19th November 2008|08:21pm]
[Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

; thanks fizz, liyi, khengwai, rid, farah and mcdonalds and the insurance company for wishing me happy birthday!

hahahahahhahahhaa muen muen gave me the feel to read my old blog so i did. and thts the number of ppll who wished me happy birthday back when i was in sec 2. saddening? very. hahahahahahahah somehow i wonder how will my birthday be like this year, its 19nov now and its coming in just 15 days, half a month. time seem to be passing way too fast, i cant catch up. it felt like just yesterday when i celebrated my 16th bday with my family in a chalet. yeap, but i still hv school on my birthday this yr. somehow i wonder why ppl take their bdays so seriously, i always thought of it as just another day. even on several times i forgot tht it was my bday! and i rmbr once my parents forgot tht it was my bday, i guess its p6 hmm.. haha! still rmbr i was damn sad, super super sad. but nehmind, ive grown out of celebrating bdays. i just wonder how it feels to be super happy on my bday cus i dont rmbr tht in my 16 yrs of life, there was no one bday tht was super memorable, k maybe i had 1 bday party back in p4, but nawh i celebrated with sucky sucky primary sch friends! haha. all sucked.

16yrs of celebrating with my family members, love my family=) im counting down to my bday on msn personal msg, shall remove it after this post! somehow i wish my birthday wouldnt feel like juuuust another day this yr. its had been like tht for 16 yrs!!! haaaa.
and shiiit i forgot its my mom's bday this friday and i have to stay back for 2 projects!!!! i swear, i didnt mean to forget, i guess im too occupied with sch and stuff on my mind, i swearrrrrr my mind is always filled abt academics ARGH to even note that its 19nov ALREADY! and i heard my dad asking my bro, gma and sis abt going out to eat this friday. but didnt ask me ohshitttttz. i asked my y.sis abt it, she said she asked my dad what abt me? he said that i hv sch and stuff.

i hate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and psychology arghhhhh. i dont like being with and working with people im NOT familiar with!!!! though they're nice ppl, but ARGHHH!!! =((((

and im fine abt the two grps in access lab thing already...i shall not care anymore nor be sensitive cus poly is all abt self-survival! i shall brainwash myself and be super nice as per normal=D maybe i shld try to get to knw my classmates a little better laaaaaa and not judge ppl zzzz :(

and somehow over the rainbowwwwww~ ahahahaahhaha we girls seem to hv smth against another class. but reallllly noooo!!~ thts not our intention i swear lol...lets all be nice and smile to another!! is it fine?? haha=))

....& im in a good mood now, idk why! haha. i shall go and bathe and read up all subject specs to dig out for DEADlines! it sucks to feel lost, or hving another thing POP up all of a sudden! this sem is just too heavy to catch up!!!! im super lost in microecons, accounting, sas, ebm, pom, psycho, EVERYTHING OKAY. ZZZZZ. why am i so stupiddddddd hah!

some pictures at random taken in school :)


chanchan didnt do a tiny pout!!!!!

our additional classmate for SAS!
he is v friendly haha.

kkkkk love all
, and love you too HEEEE byebye!!!!
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Update [18th November 2008|04:05am]
[Mood |moodymoody]

i am feeling so damn ass moody right now, after completing my POM tutorial. again i felt so bloody ass stupid. i still dont understand whts the point of learning POM. nvm, right after i spent 2 hrs reading the lecture, i went on to my MCQ and i was not sure of the answers, not ONE that i wrote in pen, not ONE answer that i was confident of getting correct. i am hving a bad feeling abt my POM becus its too too toooo much theory for me! =(

and as for the rest of my projects, i am still super blur about what the heck is going on. i just go with the flowww~ haaa. thts a bad thing!! after doing my POM tutorial, i had the intended to get started like.....check out the dates for any project submission and stuff, but POM got me moody like maddddd arghhhh sometimes i wonder why am i so dumb, why cant i understand concepts as fast as my older sister.. =(

and it really sucks when i keep reminding myself that i hv a psychology meeting with my grp mates on thursday after class. it really sucks having to work with people im unfamiliar with, they are nice but i dont knw them veh veh well.. ends up making me distant from them and them saying that i am too quiet!!!..rarrr!

im also starting to hv a bad feeling for stupid ass accounting!!! had mock test today, i loved it. becus its smth tht i cld do. BUT i swear for the subsequent lectures, im a goner. i dont even understand a single shit about dividends, debentures whtever~~ hahahaha! i must seriously get studying!!!! >:(

school tmr, supposed to start at 11am till 6pm, but nvr expected tht we had to hand in problem matrix on wednesday!!! so tmr 9.30am till 6pm, and not there, if may agrees to go for psychology tmr, its till 7pm!! =( hahhaa.

okok alright i shall go off now.. my head is aching haha.. byebye:)

>>>it makes me sad to see you sad! :'(

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MOOOOOOOOO-DY. [15th November 2008|07:23pm]
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hello everyone=D i am so bored currently, the people im talking to are also sianz. lol. which makes me even more bored toooo!!!! :(

whilst i was loading this page, i had alot to say but i forgot everything!!! hahahahha. wait, im trying hard to recall... i am feeling so bored and lonely right nowwwww becus my favourites are not online. lol only chattg with stupid koh, he is stupid becus he takes very long to reply. CAN YOU SEE HOW BORED AM IIIIIII. URGH.

i wnna go out! actually ytd after sch, i cld hv gone out with sheauyin buuut ah, my wallet left only $7 and my ez-link card only has a value of below $1, not even enough to go home la! sad...and yes, i dont hold my own card, my father keeps it. felt so poor=( hahhahaha.

it has been about 1 week since i last went to orchard, it used to be a 2-3 days 1 time routine. but now no more hahha.

and i received an email when i came online. it was my psychology group mate, telling me what to do and stuff. somehow, i really hate this cds itself, and i dont rly...like the people. no, not tht i dont like them, its just i cannot click with ANYONE of them. which makes me miserable becus i feel super out of place. just like we had a group lunch on thursday... i was the quietest, which is super unusual, becus rosanne /= quiet! right?! when i speak, i felt even worse, super awkward. lol. i didnt want to go at first, the girls were telling me to lie say we gta do project but yet i wanted to quickly get the lunch over and done with! lol...

everything just feels so weird in psychology class. they are all so clever, and i am.......stupid and dumb. seriously, it sucks when not everyone is as intelligent as one another. its a mixture in psychology class, i hv law classmates and their english is like superbly, superb!!! it sucks. i regret taking psychology alooot. lol.

oh and my group mates, their minds are really extra-ordinary. whtever tcher says, their mind just *click* and they can say something. as for me......no, i kept thinking and thinking... it is just super weird, its week4 and yet i still dont talk much in class lol.. it feels so much better with the 1E04 people...like somewhr i can be totallllly myself!!!! and also cus the things tht we laugh at are all almost the same. sigh sigh i. hate. psychology.

and on thursday, i felt so stupid, so dumb as ever, cus i cldnt understand tht microecon theory so i kept asking mr nee tat, ask and ask and ask, till he told me "just accept it" asking me to accept the theory, i cant. i must know why the theory is like that! lol i kept staring at the same page, i got so fed up, frustrated, i hated myself tht i teared =((((( damn sucky feel, i wanted to go to the toilet to get a break but i didnt want my classmates to see me lol. it sucks when you cry, yet nobody knows!!!! cus i need words of encouragement, no, im not an attention seeker at all, i just needed words of concern. but may and emily were so nice to sms me in class =D

and yeah, after tht was psychology lunch. i had no appetite after crying. zzzzzz.

maybe its really time to get studying!!! this sem is really killing me, im not even aware of what projects needs to be done first and all. it sucks you knowwwwww. especially too, when you have selfish classmates who knows wht needs to be done. OKAYYY i shall check everything out later and remind myself, which means also remind the group!!


psychology meeting next thursday after class, im totally fine with staying back till late! but just.......its not with my OWN people. it just feels so weird to be with people i dont knw, and so fast having to work with them. its just weird. agree???

why am i only talking abt psychology mannnnnn lol.

rarrrrrr i shalll end here, i sense more posts coming later, short ones, i'll post my thoughts one by one today i guessss....RARRRRRRR it sucks to be feeling bored, moody and sad at the same time, and everyone is not here to chat with me!! D:

lol and it sucks whenever, friends youve been talking to for days and days and days.........suddenly goes cold, maybe cus theres nothing else we can chat about, but the feeling just suck and i will get moody becus of it, and i end up feeling lonely all over again, then i'll be sad.....oh fuck why am i so sensitive/emotional!!! >:(

LASTLYYYYYYY i hv something to share, smth tht eddy heng sent through email, super super trueeeeeee!

When a GIRL is quiet, millions of things are running in her mind.
When a GIRL is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.
When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around.
When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds, she is not at all fine.
When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying.
When a GIRL lies on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever.
When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered.
When a GIRL says ' I love you ', she means it.
When a GIRL says ' I miss you ', no one in this world can miss you more than that.

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person.

Find a guy, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who, kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Who turns to his friends and says, ' That's her!! '

so true right?? haha i wonder who is my future boyfriend, seee! everything leads to my future boyfriend ahhahaha. -.-" oh and i forgot to mention, eddy eats like a cute girl. serious, damn cute haaaaa~

alright enough said! stay tune:) toodles..

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